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  • Work Site Protection

    worksite protection

    The Stormbag works well for protecting your worksite.
    It is easy for a work crew to carry a box of 50 , which will give lots of protection.

  • Landslide Prevention

    Landslide Prevention

    Many times heavy rainfalls cause landslides and a quick deployment of sandbags is required. That usually means a large workforce.
    When disasters have struck large workforces are hard to come by.
    The simple and fast solution is again the Stormbag. One person can do the work of many in the same or less time.

  • Flood Prevention

    Flood Prevention

    Protect your home , your business , your library, your museum.
    Have a few boxes of these onsite so you do not have to depend on outside help.

  • Control Flooding

    Control Flooding

    Control flooding by deployment of these bags just like sandbags.
    Soak your bags and build your wall .
    For tips on that please click the link above

  • Soak Spills

    Soak Spills

    These bags are great for soaking up spills. Got water in your basement? Throw some bags down and let them go to work for you..

  • Building Protection

    Building Protection

    Divert water flow in a short time as demonstrated in the video.